Wednesday, April 16

Most Important People

Hello Everyone,
As many of you know I am a big fan of continuous learning; both as a student and as a teacher. Last week was my turn to learn at the Machine Quilters Exposition in New Hampshire.

I was fortunate enough to take both creative and technical classes from some really wonderful instructors. All the classes I took will help me enhance and deliver more beautiful and professional quilting to my customers.

While attending the festival I ran into a few friends. 

My longtime friend Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works was teaching at MQX.

Her online shop is not only a Judy Niemeyer certified shop, but Jackie herself is a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor.  She was very busy teaching a few Judy Niemeyer classes - A Party for Four; Sunflower Illusions; Charm Elements. Be sure to check out Jackie's website.

I had the pleasure of seeing and talking to some of the designers that create all those wonderful quilting designs that I use on your quilts. 
Here is Anne Bright of Anne Bright designs. Many of my customers (you know who your are) spend their lunch hour perusing her website for designs for their next quilt.

One of the very first instructor I had when I purchased my Gammill with Statler Sticher was Kim Diamond. Kim's instruction over the years has been invaluable to me. It was such a great joy for me to see her at MQX last week. I was also fortunate to meet Janet who works with Kim at Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio. Kim's designs are always the ones that all of you seem to search out for those quilts that you want to make great impact. All those custom and beautiful whole cloth baby quilts. I had such a great time meeting up with Janet and Kim.

I don't think that a quilt show would be complete without some other famous people stopping by as well. I'm sure that all of you know Mark Lipinski.

Well there you have it. Some of the most important people that I have in my life as a longarm quilter. Without these great people I would not be able to do my job for you with enormous confidence and success.

Until next time… 
Happy Quilting, Kathy

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