Sunday, February 1

Lil' Zipper Bag Completed

I told you I needed to make one of these cute Lil' Zipper Bags.

I did make a couple of changes though. When I sewed my 1 1/2" strips, I did a
sew and flip technique; that way I did not have to go back and stitch in the ditch. I used a pretty fabric for the inside instead of muslin.

All done sewing the strips on. Then I squared the strip set; and serged the edges.

I added my zipper and did an extra top stitching to hold the edge of the zipper tape away from the teeth - so I don't catch the fabric in the zipper.

Pretty inside as well as out.
And it holds alot....

I am sure that you have all been to Moda Bakeshop to view the tutorial on this bag. To get some insight from the designer of this terrific Lil' Zipper Bag you really need to go over to Mid-Ohio Knitter's blog. Vickie has a nice blog and I think you might enjoy what she has to offer; especially her current giveaway. Just make a comment about this Lil Zipper Bag, and you'll be entered in her current giveaway.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Vickie for being a designer on the Moda Bakeshop blog.

I can't wait to see the Lil Zipper Bags that all of you make. It only took me an hour from start to finish!

Now go on over to Vickie's blog - and be sure to comment. Go on get over there and enter to win her giveaway!

Gotta Go Here!

The last few days I have been looking around at other sites and blogs.
I found one that I think you might enjoy.

Go here and have a look.....

awesome and fun tutorials.... I love it already!

"Lil' Zipper Bag" ... I definitely need to make a few of these.
I'm sure my friend Myra will be making a few too.

Have fun checking out this new site and making some great
"Lil' Zipper Bags"!
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