Wednesday, August 25

Before, During and After

Hello Everyone,
Many quilter's ask me, "How do you decide which design to use on a quilt?"
It is a process.

First I look at the quilt...
This is a customer's Carpenter's Wheel quilt. It measures 39" x 39" and it is going to be used as a wall hanging, and not as a table topper. 

During ~ 
Since this quilt is going to be used as a wall hanging, I should choose some designs that will enhance the piecing. If this quilt was going to be used as a table topper; then I would consider an all over design. The thought here is that the quilt will probably not be seen in it entirety as a table topper; there would be items on top of the quilt (lamp, book, etc.); thereby making the quilting design less important to the overall quilt design.

The blocks of this quilt top are only three inches square. I need to be concerned with size and scale. I would not want to place any very detailed dense design in those areas. I need to choose simple and open designs to complement the over all feel of the fabrics and the piecing.
Here is a look at a design for the outer border, inner corner, and center side areas.
The designs are all very simple and open. They do not take away from the over all feel of the Carpenter's Wheel wall quilt.
Once I have a plan, I am ready to start quilting. Although, sometimes part of the plan may change as I quilt; I may become inspired to go in a little different direction.

After ~
Here is the wall hanging after quilting.

Here is a shot of some of the details.

I hope this blog entry has given you some insight as to the process, Before, During and After that I go though with each quilt that I quilt.

Until next time…  
Happy Quilting, 

Monday, August 23

Saturday Show and Another

Hello Everyone,  
Twice a year one of our local quilt shops exhibits quilts made by their customers. The quilts range from beginners to advanced quilters. The quilter may have taken a class, purchased the fabric or pattern at the shop, or maybe even was inspired by a quilt from a previous show!
Here are a few quilts:

Ruth and Cheryl from Irondequoit Quilt Guild were selling raffle tickets for this beautiful quilt entitled Mystic Garden, that the guild members made. The tickets are $1 each, or 6 for $5. The drawing will be held at their upcoming guild quilt show, A Walk in the Quilter's Garden, in October. The quilt show is Friday, October 22nd from 2pm - 8pm and Saturday October 23rd from 10am - 4pm. At 4pm they will be drawing the winner of this wonderful quilt. Will you have the lucky ticket?
The guild is also doing a raffle for an entry level Bernina sewing machine that was donate by a local quilt shop. Those tickets are $1 each. Who will be the lucky quilter with a new machine?

Until next time…
Happy Quilting,

Friday, August 6

Did You Notice?

Hello Everyone,  
Did you notice the new icon logo on my sidebar? Or the tab at the top of my blog?

We are so very excited about being an authorized Accuquilt retailer! Yes that's right, you can get all your Accuquilt needs met right here at True Creations.
We are working on setting up a shopping cart for your convenience. But until then please check out the tab above to find out more.

Until next time…
Happy Quilting, Kathy

Monday, August 2

Ooooohhhhhh Fabric!

Hello Everyone,  
 Look what I found on my travels while in Connecticut...

Now what to make with these luscious fabrics?  Do you have any suggestions?
What do you think about this quilt pattern?  
If you would like your very own Fruit Cake pattern it can be found here, from my friend Jackie. She may even have a bundle or two of fabric to go with this pattern!

Happy Quilting, Kathy
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