Tuesday, June 16

Garden of Quilts Quilt Festival

The past few weeks I have been consumed with the Genesee Valley Quilt Show, Garden of Quilts. As many of you know I was one of three Quilt Show Chairs and the Vendor Coordinator for the show. Here are some pictures from start to finish of the show over the four day period.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Gordon Field House size: 60,000 square feet. An empty field house.

Starting of pipe and drape.

By 11:30am on Thursday, we have a little more pipe and drape hung.

It's 12 noon and it is time to start to take in quilts for the show.

"Now, where does this quilt go?"

We are making progress.

We're getting there.

Looking good!

Vendors start to move in as early as 8:00am on Friday.

Some finishing touches for the quilts.

Pillowcase Party gets all set up. You could rest for a bit at the show and make a pillowcase for one of our community out reach programs.

The other side of the field house.

"Where is all this going to fit?"

Just about there.

Here is the True Creations booth. My daughter, Andreana and my husband, Jim stand proudly in our booth. I had Andreana and Jim man my booth the entire time during the show. My first job at the show was that of Vendor Coordinator, my second job was being one of the Quilt Show chairs; and then there was no more room for any more jobs. It was soooooo much fun!

Looks like the vendors are ready for the show to start.

That is until someone decides 15 minutes before the show is about to open that we need a little excitement and they bump a row of quilts.

Everyone pitches in and helps.

We reset the quilt row and are ready within the 15 minutes. The attendees were none the wiser.

Opening ceremony begins promptly at 5:00pm on Friday.

The ribbon is cut, and the show is officially open!

The show floor is busy as a beehive on Saturday morning at 11:30am.

Over 2500 attended the show over the 2 1/2 days. (Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.) There were over 900 beautiful quilts on display. It was breath taking! It was amazing! There was plenty of room to stand back and admire the quilts, take photos and really enjoy the show and all it had to offer.

At the Pillowcase Party booth, Julie (one of the co-chairs) and my husband Jim take a few minutes to make some pillowcases.

We take a few moments upstairs to enjoy some lunch and all say, "Next time ....."

Towards the back of the field house we had classroom areas set up.

Here is a glimpse of a class in session.

Vintage quilts hung around the outside areas of the classroom space.

This shot over looks the show floor from the balcony. The balcony was a great place to relax, enjoy some food, and absorb the beauty of the quilt show. It was magnificent! There were art quilts; pieced quilts; quilts made by first time quilters; applique quilts; small quilts; big quilts; wall quilts; all kinds of quilts could be found at this show!

With 44 vendors, from CT, VT, NH, MA, OH, MI, PA and NY state; everyone was able to find something of interest.

It's Sunday evening and the show has ended. The vendors are starting to move out.

Quilts are starting to come down.

The field house is just about empty.

The quilts are down, the vendors are gone.

It is just about time to turn down the lights.

Until our next show; which is tentatively planned for June 2011!.
I hope you enjoyed the quilt show process. We are already starting to think about the next one; how we can make it even better.
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