Monday, April 15

Bargello Gone Wild!

Hello Everyone, 
Last week was that time of year again. Time to renew and regenerate my quilting education. So off to New Hampshire for the New England Quilt Festival. (aka MQX - Machine Quilters Exposition)
Come one, come all!
I want to share with you a special exhibit that was on display. Four friends from Ohio got together one weekend and went on a quilt retreat together at the Historic Mill in Yellow Springs Ohio.
Anna Fricker, Susan Hill, Chris Landis, Mary Miller
While on this retreat they decided they would make bargello quilts using a design in the August 2011 issue of Better Homes and Garden. They took this project to new heights; all four women used the exact same fabrics for the bargello.
Hanging from the 3rd story window.
With a pile of 464 two-inch strips and strips set at 174 inches long, they realized that maybe, just maybe they should have read the complete directions before beginning. They each completed piecing their respective bargellos. Once they left the retreat each one cut the massive bargello, added borders and created two quilts!  Here are the results of their weekend retreat. Can you tell which two quilts came from the same bargello?
I hope you enjoyed the wonderful bargello quilts these four women created. Maybe this will inspire you and a few of your friends to go on a weekend retreat and make the same quilt, (with reading all the directions first), and get totally different results.

Until next time…  
Happy Quilting, Kathy

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