Saturday, November 14

GVQC - Genesee Valley Quilt Club

This past Thursday, the monthly meeting of the GVQC started to gather around 9am. This photo only shows about a quarter of the activity taking place before our business meeting which starts at 10:15.

There are several activities happening during that hour and fifteen minutes. I'll share just a few with you.

Our club has monthly workshops that are put on by our guest speaker for that month. Here you see Nancy explaining to Karla (a new member), about some of the upcoming workshops.

Each month our guild has a monthly raffle, ($1 per chance) to benefit some aspect of our guild. The quilt each month is donated by a member. Here you see Margaret, in her fancy hat, selling tickets for that beautiful Christmas quilt behind her. This months winner was Patti Goodwin. The club raised over $200 for our Comfort Quilt Committee.

Quilt basting was taking place near the back of the room. Lynn, Beth, Ann and Meg were busy placing stitches in Ann's quilt.

Once the business meeting started it was packed with tons of information.
Our guild had decided to dedicate some of our money to co-sponsoring with the Arts Council of Greater Rochester, grants for fiber artists. What a wonderful idea and it will be great fun to see who applies for the grants.
We again were sponsoring the qui
lt group which is under the auspices of Compeer, a local peer mentoring group here in Rochester. All funding has been cut severely here in New York state for such organizations, and it is wonderful that the guild saw fit to give a very generous donation to them as well!

A major announcement that took place during the business meeting was:

Yes, the 2011 Genesee Quilt Fest will be held at RIT on June 3, 4 and 5. Lisa Feor, Julie Brandon, and myself will be joined by Val Schultz as the quilt show chairs. We are all so very excited! If you want to see what our 2009 show looked like, take a look at my June Post.

After the business meeting, we had Show and Tell. What wonderful, beautiful quilts were shown. Here are just a couple:

... and then Ann showed us her beautiful quilt that was being basted. She is certainly one of our star hand quilters! She is an expert in all phases of applique and quilting. I can't wait to see this done - her hand quilting is exquisite! The border design she appliqued here is based on her Welsh roots.

Everyone took a break for lunch before our guest speaker took the floor. Paula Schultz who owns a shop called Cotton, Etc. near Oneida,NY was our speaker Thursday. She is a wearable artist and did a trunk show for us. She spoke on her inspirations, and showed a variety of garments. Paula encouraged each of us to enter juried competitions and challenges.

To round out the afternoon, several other groups,(Vintage Quilt Study, Fiber Artist, In-house Workshops) got together after Paula was finished. It is always a very fun filled day at GVQC.

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