Sunday, October 18

Sunday Sew Day

It was the first Sunday Sew Day at Sew On-Sew Forth in Henrietta this weekend. There was a small crowd that gathered from 11am to 4pm. When we arrived something good was brewing in the kitchen for our taste buds later in the day.
Everyone found a spot to set up and started to sew. Here's a look at what some were up to...

Cheryl was busy learning how to make lace embroidered Christmas ornaments on her sewing machine. I hope that I'll be a happy recipient of one of her handmade ornaments this year! (Hint, hint.)

Dot was learning about all the new stitches on her new sewing machine. She made a great festive pumpkin for the season and was trying out some really neat decorative stitches. I can't wait to see the final pumpkin!

Next thing I know, Kathy the manager of Sew On-Sew Forth was ringing the snack bell. It was time for a little refreshment break. Apple cider, some homemad
e chicken stew, Italian bread and 'Danny' baked some decorative cookies for dessert.

One more peek at what was happening at Sunday Sew Day...

I guess all this cold weather we have been having has lent itself to all of us thinking about the upcoming holidays. Deb was pin basting her turkey (LOL)!

Sew On-Sew Forth just got in the current Terry Atkinson's line of fabric from Red Rooster. Here is just a glimpse of some of it....

Is it not luscious? I have already started working on a project or two using the Neutral Territory fabric line. I will be teaching one of Terry Atkinson's new patterns (Happy Holidays) at Sew On-Sew Forth in Henrietta on Saturday, November 7th. I hope some of you will join me then.
When I finish up my Happy Holidays table topper, I will post some photos and fill you in on how and where to sign up for my class. As a side note Terry herself will be coming to Rochester just before Thanksgiving bringing a trunk show and giving a lecture/demo. Stay tuned for more details on that as well.

Until next time, keep on piecin' - Kathy

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