Tuesday, May 19

Pittsburgh and Quilt Market

We are back from Pittsburgh and Quilt Market. I am just getting the feeling back in my feet. We took some advice from Mark Lipinski's April / May 2009 issue of Quilter's Home magazine about his hometown - Pittsburgh. What a wonderful city it is! Intimate and pedestrian friendly. There were little parks and squares all around. A little bit of a hill here and there; something which you don't see in most downtown city areas. Tall interesting buildings, great sculptures, and plenty of little restaurants and eateries. Which brings me to a resturant that Mark recommended - Primanti Brothers. We had the Pittsburgh classic (as Mark refers to it); a sandwich with meat, cloeslaw, French fries, tomatoes and cheese all on one huge Italian loaf! It was quite and experience. Speaking of Mark, we were able to track him down at Market for another photo with the camera this time. I don't know if this one is any better than the one with the camera phone. Maybe it's my photographer?

Thanks Mark for indulging me again.

Thursday night was Sample Spree. You can get your hands on the newest, greatest, latest and almost on the market stuff. Like fabric, more fabric, patterns, books, and more fabric. It is an experience to say the least. Here is the Moda table all set; waiting for the Sample Spree to begin. Can you guess what is going to happen to this table?

If you guessed this:

or this:
then you were right!

Which Moda fabrics do I have?

How about some Bali Pops?

That's is just a taste of what was the beginning of a fun Quilt Market experience. I'll have more to share in the days to come.

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