Friday, May 1

In New Hampshire for Machine Quilter's Exposition (MQX)

At the last minute we made the decision to go to the Machine Quilter's Exposition in Manchester, NH. What a great time. I decided to take a class from Elaine Huffman. We made "Arm Candy"! This bag is made from double sided quilted fabric. It has a zippered pocket on the inside and all the seams are enclosed.

Of course because we left at the drop of a hat, I had no supplies with me for the class. Fortunately sewing machines were provided and Elaine had one piece of double sided quilted fabric that she was willing to part with. All I had to do is fine some thread and a piece of fabric for the inside pocket. As part of the class the pattern and a zipper were provided. It was so nice just to sit and sew for myself. This bag was finished in less than four hours. If you are looking for a really nice gift for someone special this bag just may be the ticket. The Gum Drop Bag finishes nicely. If you pick up the pattern make sure to tell Elaine I sent you.

Just before my class I ran into the creator of Quilter's Home. I'm sure you know the magazine.

While talking with Mark my husband decided we needed a picture for the blog. So quick find the camera. Oooooh yeaaaah, it's in the room. Good place for it! So the next best thing was my husband's cell phone camera. So as you can see, Mark is crystal clear and well I'm a little fuzzy. That will teach us to have the camera with us at all times.

Of course since I was in New Hampshire I had to visit one of my all time favorite quilt shops, Quilted Threads. The shop is wonderful; and the staff is cheerful and very helpful. One of the displays they had was from when Mark was there.

I just love this shop!

Next year MQX will be moving to Providence, RI. I'm not sure if I will be going. There are rumblings that the Statler Users Group And Representatives (SUGAR) will be meeting in Columbia, MO. Last year the conference was held just before the Machine Quilter's Showcase (MQS) show. MQS is the midwest version of MQX. So if the SUGAR conference is at or near the same time MQS is next year I might just have to go to that show instead.

Keep on piecing those tops,

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Jackie said...

Hi Kathy, So cool that you got to go to MQX. Isn't Elaine great? She is a good friend of mine. Actually, she is the one who sold me my first Gammill. I bought it from her used. Small world. She had told me she was teaching again at MQX. Looks like a great bag too. Nice picture of you and Mark. Isn't he just a hoot?? I love his magazine and him. Pam and I sat in on a lecture from him and he had us in stitches. Sorry there hasn't been much movement on the NESugar. I have been inundated with family stuff since January and right now no end in sight. Tell Jim I said hello and hope all is well!

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