Wednesday, December 10

Tuesday Night Quilters' Holiday Bash

Here are a couple more of my personal quilting and sewing projects that I have been working on for the holiday season.

There is a group of now ten fun loving quilters that get together each month to socialize, eat, do show and tell, maybe work on a project - you know anything that is remotely related to quilting.

Tuesday evening, Cindy was gracious enough to open her home to us for a Holiday Get Together. Her house was decorated to the ninths. Sorry, I didn't bring the camera. :( But I did take her a travel size bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press with a cute little cover that I made as a hostess thank you gift. Cindy just loves 30's reproduction prints. I got the pattern from Terry Atkinson Designs' blog. Click here and look at Terry's November 14th entry and you'll find directions for all the different size bottles of the Best Press products. Terry's blog was recommended by a fellow blogger, Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works in Connecticut. Click here to check out Jackie's blog.

We had plenty of food to eat. Anything from subs, to cookies, to brie, to veggies with dip, hollowed out bread with dip and it would not have been complete if we didn't have a little chocolate too. Well, okay maybe alot of chocolate. There was drink to be had by all as well.

We played a gift passing game, that Karen came up with. Each person brought a wrapped gift. We each drew a number from one to ten. There were
ten of us. Person number one chooses a gift, unwraps it, and everyone ooooooossss and haaaaaaas. Then person number two can either take the gift that number one has, or chooses another wrapped gift and unwraps it. If person two takes person one's gift, then person one chooses a new wrapped gift. Person three and all others get to either take a wrapped gift or steel someone else's gift. When the last person goes they get to either take the last wrapped gift - then the game is over; or more exciting is for the last person to steel someone else's gift. At that point in time you have one minute to continue to steel gifts; or if someone chooses the wrapped gift, the game ends. At the end of one minute whatever you have in your possession is yours to keep. If you have no gift you receive the last wrapped gift.

The gift box that I took was wrapped in brown paper with a green paper ribbon. Inside the box was a copy of WRBQ (We'd Rather Be Quilting) Northeast book. The book has cross reference travel maps of the northeast states; pages of alphabetically listed quilt shops by state; listings of professional quilters (That's where True Creations is located in the book.); a full color section of quilting related businesses all across the country just for quilters and another section devoted to events that list shows and shop hops in each region by date.

The other little something that was in the brown paper wrapping was a Tuckaway Tote. You see the tote is the perfect companion for the WRBQ book. The tote folds into its own outside pocket. The tote can then easily be stored in your purse or in your car ready to accept all those wonderful new treasures that you'll find when you visit the quilt shops or quilt shows that are listed in the book. Pattie was the lucky holder at the last five seconds!

I received the most wonderful smelling and beautiful Christmas center piece that Donna made. I think I will keep the tray that she made it in, so that next year I can ask her to make me another one.

A great time was had by all at our Holiday Bash.
We'll meet again in January for dinner and show and share.



Jackie said...

Hi Kathy, It sounds like you had a great time! I love the Yankee swaps they are a lot of fun. You got a wonderful gift from it and very useful. I love that Tuckaway tote. I may have to try that one myself. How long did it take you to make. By the way, I am so glad you now have a blog, I can keep in touch with and find out what creative things you are up to. I hope you have a great Christmas!!

henny said...

Yes, it seems you really have a great holiday season with friends.
You're lucky there to have a group of friends to discuss quilting and share. I'm alone here, I learn only by tutorial and lovely helpful blogging friends :)
Happy holiday, merry christmas!

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