Wednesday, December 3

Here's a Glimpse

Some of you have been inquiring about what I am working on other than customer's quilts.

I just completed two Christmas Stockings (all done on the longarm) to give to a local quilt shop. (Patricias' Fabric House, East Rochester, NY) The quilt shop is collecting pillowcases, stockings and personal hygiene products for a local charity.

Now, off to the quilt shop I go to deliver the stockings.


henny said...

Hi kathy,
i just pop out from Jackie's blog and make a way here. I'm a new, really beginner in sewing and quilting (maybe you could see what I've been done in my blog) and try to make friends with other quilters (so I can learn and learn more). It's noce to know your blog.
Congrat on your new trainer certificate!

Jackie said...

Fabulous stockings, Kathy! I love the snowflake motif.

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