Saturday, February 1

Show and Tell

Hello Everyone,
On a frosty below zero January night the Irondequoit Quilt Club meeting was held. Brrrrrrr..... One favorite part of all of the meetings is Show and Tell.  It is truly amazing how warm it can become with some friendship and color. Here are just a few of the beautiful quilts that some of the members shared.

Laurie made this quilt with the intention of giving it away. Once she finished it, she decided that she really needed to keep it even though she has no blue in her home! I'm sure that someday one of her children will be the recipient of  this beautiful quilt. 

Nick showed a quilt that he uses as a wall hanging in his home. He must have sooooommmmmme wall in his house.

Lucy brought us two quilts to admire. The first is a quilt that one of our members taught as a class. Lucy did a beautiful job with her color selection on this one.

Her second quilt was much larger. She spent many hours on this beauty hand piecing all those stars.

Well there you have it. A few quilts from Show and Tell that brought lots of warmth and happiness to an otherwise blustery winter evening.

Until next time…
Happy Quilting,

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