Monday, July 26

Can You Guess?

Hello everyone!

I took a little trip last week to visit a Statler Sib. I'll give you a few clues and maybe you can guess who it is!

Clue 1: I met her in Overland Park, KS over two years ago at the first SUGAR Conference.

Clue 2: She has a very active blog (always in my sidebar); and is the one who encouraged me to start blogging.

Clue 3: She has lots and lots of bolts of fabric.

Clue 4: These are some favors. But she also loves 30's prints.

Clue 5: Wow, what an array of color of threads she gets to use! She really loves those purples, pinks and lime greens.

 Clue 6: These are some of the half yard bundles that she sells on her on line store.

Did you guess, Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works?

We had such a great visit last week! It's always fun seeing friends. Make sure you go over and check out Jackie's blog

Thank you Jackie for the wonderful visit. I'm looking forward to another and hope that it will be sooner than later. 

Until next time…  
Happy Quilting, Kathy


Jackie said...

What a great post! It was a wonderful visit!! I am so glad that you came over and we had some time to catch up. Looking forward to our next visit! Please say Hi to Jim and watch for my post this week!

Peach Rainbow said...

lovely friends!
I just came from Jackie's blog,

Karen said...

Hi Kathy, just popped in from Jackie's blog. I see you are from Penfield. I was born and raised in Gates. Small world. I'll be back soon.

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