Thursday, February 4

LQS Closing (Sort Of)

Hello Everyone,
I received an email the other day from Sew On-Sew Forth, that stated the Rochester store in Henrietta will be consolidating with their Buffalo store. To help with the consolidation the Rochester store is having a Blow Out Event.
The event will take place this week and weekend as follows: Thursday (5pm-8pm), Friday (10 am-5pm) and Saturday (10am-3pm). Next week the event will only be on Friday (Feb.12) and Saturday (Feb.13). The Rochester store's last day of normal operation is scheduled for this Saturday (Feb.6).

You might remember, that is the shop where we had those great Sunday Sew Days, and the shop that brought us Terry Atkinson and My Blog Giveaway.

I will miss the shop, the laughter, and the fun with friends both old and new. I know that I will miss the great people that work there even more.

Until next time…

Happy Quilting, Kathy

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Kathy, I so hate to hear that local shops close. I have been seeing way too many businesses close as a result of the economy. So sad.

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