Friday, December 18

Holiday Celebration GVQC Style

Each year the Genesee Valley Quilt Club has a holiday celebration. This year was no exception. A new twist to our Silent Auction festivities was having all hand made items to bid on.
Ladies... bid high and bid often!

Mmmmm ... let's see how much should I bid?
Ohhhhhh look at that tote all made from batiks! How lovely!
There is a gift for a young reader, or how about those coasters for a hostess?

We also have a table centerpiece competition. Here are a few of the entries ..
Did you guess the winner? Why it was "Life is a bowl of Quilting!" That table won the honor of going first to the elaborate buffet that we had. I believe that there were five or maybe six banquet tables end to end of food ...
Mmmmmmm...Mmmmmmm...Really goooooood!!!
I hope all of you have a wonderful and joyous holiday season.
Be sure to find some quilt time for yourself and enjoy your families and friends.


Jackie said...

What a fantastic holiday meeting of your guild!! How many member do you have?? That is enough food and gifts to keep an army happy for a long time. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Merry Christmas to you and Jim! Have a wonderful time during the holidays.

Patty said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I like the idea of the center piece competition! I'll have to suggest it to my guild. Happy Holidays.

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