Sunday, January 11

Great Start and Setting Goals

The new year has arrived and I haven't wasted anytime. I have started quilting beautiful tops that my clients have brought to me. It is so much fun seeing what they have created. I treat each quilt top as if it were my own creation. I really want them to be delighted with the end results.

I have finished the pillowcases for Jackie's guild project, The Hole In The Wall Gang. They came out sooooo cute. Don't you agree?

This year I have set a couple of personal quilting goals for myself.
1. I would like to do some type of quilting activity each week or every other week that I am involved with other quilting friends. This can range from having lunch/diner with them, going on a shop hop, working on personal quilt projects at a sew-in, attending a quilt related function (ie tea, meeting, etc.); you get the idea. My friend Cheryl is awesome at this!
2. I would like to work on getting some of my own quilt tops turned into quilts. As many of you, I too have many, many quilt tops just waiting for the quilting. I think I will need to find some personal time to quilt my quilt tops.
Those two goals should keep my personal life busy.

Now for a couple of True Creations' professional goals.
1. I would like to continue to promote True Creations in new and different ways. Not sure where I am taking this goal yet. Maybe through quilt shows, new types of promotions, teaching quilt classes, but definitely here on my blog.
2. I want to offer to my clients something new this year that I haven't offered in the past. What will that be? We will have to see....
3. I would like to be able to offer my clients short turnaround times for edge to edge quilts that they bring me. (Prehaps they will post a comment this year on how I am doing with this goal.)
4. I would like to increase my regular client base by adding ten new clients. Will you be one of those?
5. I would like to network more with my Statler Siblings. We are a very large group that all own Statlers and the Creative Studio program that run our computer aided longarm machines.

I think that those seven goals, (two personal and five professional), are a pretty good start and should keep me busy.

Until my next post, keep piecing so that you can help me achieve some of my goals.


Jackie said...

Hi Kathy, The pillowcases are awesome!! Thank you so much. The kids will be thrilled!! You have set some wonderful goals for yourself and your business. I hope you are able to accomplish them all! I would like to do similar goals, but if I put it in writing, it may not happen.

henny said...

Hi kathy, agree with Jackie, your pillowcases are great, colorful. The kids must be cheer up :)
hope your goals would be end successfully this year!

Pat said...

Good luck with your new blog. I found you from Jackie's blog. The pillowcases are so cheerful...I, too, am sure the kids will love them.

Helen said...

Hi Kathy, welkom to blogland. Blogging is a lovely way to connect with all those quilters around the world. Hope to see more of you.

Thimbleanna said...

Jackie sent me over -- Welcome to Blogland -- enjoy it now, in the beginning -- you'll soon be swamped LOL!

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